New Patient FAQ

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we work with all forms of insurance. We will do a complementary insurance verification to see what benefits you qualify for based upon the care that the doctor deems necessary for your case. Please refer to the “What To Expect” form below.

Can I get adjusted without taking x-rays?

No. Our office policies dictate that the doctor must perform evaluative testing prior to treating you with chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, or any other form of care. Your health is our prime concern; to see is to know, to not see is to guess. We would never guess with your health. The doctor will want to do diagnostic testing prior to treating you.

How long does my first visit take?

Plan on your first visit to last the duration of 45mins – 1hr. If you complete the New Patient Paperwork prior to this visit, it will reduce your initial visit time by 15 minutes.

What type of chiropractic care do you provide?

Our office prides itself in providing you the best possible spinal corrective care. Spinal correction is a combination of physical therapy, precise chiropractic adjustments, followed by neuromusculoskeletal re-education. The plan provides true spinal corrective care that will last your lifetime, as opposed to occasional adjustments simply based on pain. We like to correct the cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.

Do you adjust children?

Yes! Our youngest patient was a newborn just one hour of age, and our oldest patient was 94. The best time to begin to care for and nurture your spine is immediately at birth. The birth process can be very traumatic and can greatly affect the integrity and health of the nervous system. Adjustments for children typically require a significantly less amount of care then for adults. A child adjustment is very gentle and can be done by hand or using special adjusting equipment that we have in the clinic.

Are you a family-based clinic?

Yes, and encourage you to bring family with you to your initial visit. Throughout the duration of care, we make it available for you to have family members evaluated with special discounts and coupons. We understand and value true health, and know that it is something to be shared with those you love.

Do you adjust pets?

Yes. The doctor is well-versed in adjusting pets in the clinic. We have specific days set aside each month (outside of normal adjusting hours) for you, by appointment only, to get your furry friends taken care of as well. We encourage our patients to do so, as our pets have spines too, and the principles health and healing remain the same.

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