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Softwave Therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to surgery. Softwave treatment helps rebuild your damaged tissues fast with minimal to NO side effects.


The high energetic acoustic waves initiate your body's own healing response to injury, whether acute or chronic. Over the course of treatments dormant stem cells in the body are recruited to the area of injury to decrease pain and inflammation. We can use SoftWave Therapy to treat chronic pain anywhere in the body, acute injuries such as strains and fractures, tendinitis, and wounds/scars.

This Means

Faster post-surgical recovery
Turning back the clock on your joint(s) wear and tear
Cancel Surgeries
Increase your performance
Less pain instantly
Success Rates
More than 80%+ after a full course of treatment
Depending on your particular condition, we will likely recommend additional treatment sessions to best suit your conditions


Muscle strains
Orthopedic and sports injuries
Back Injuries
Golf/Tennis elbow
Knee pain
Plantar fasciitis
Shoulder impingement

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Rebecca B.

"I have been going to Stronghold Health for over a year and my life has dramatically changed. My back pain is more manageable, the education and home exercises allow me to continue my treatment in my own time/set me up for success in the future. Additionally, I have almost completed my stemwave therapy on my both of my knees and the results are amazing!"

Maria M.

"They were very professional and took the time to educate me on the stem therapy. I was having sciatic nerve pain in my right leg and it was effecting my knee. They gave me a treatment plan and the pain is completely gone. Would highly recommend Stronghold Health!"

Annette W.

"I presented with limited range of motion to my right shoulder. The entire joint was tender and painful to movement and when I slept on it it was worst. I was not able to reach behind my back or above my head. After the first week, I had great improvement! I completed the recommended therapy and have full range of motion! I can lift my arm over the top of my head and touch the back of my neck and upper back. I would recommend Stronghold and I'm sure I will use them again. Thank You."