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Do you actually know what tylenol is? Or what it does in your body? Dr. David explains how it works and why you shouldn’t rely on it every day. There is a better option to masking the pain. Listen and you will see.

Maximize Your Health

How do you know you are healthy? Is it how you feel? The truth is, dictating your health solely on how you feel is never best. In fact, it is one of the worst ways to do it. Health is about how you function. Listen up – it’s time to change your health paradigm.

Cancer Part One

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. But not many people know truly what cancer is, or how it manifests in the body. What if I were to tell you that there is a cure for cancer? The problem is, medicine in our society is heavily influenced by money, and too many people are misinformed and hopeless. You can defeat cancer. You can prevent it. Take a moment and listen, because this information can save your life.

Blood Pressure

One of the most common health issues in our country today, and yet no one has an effective way to treat it. Is it genetic? Do you know what causes blood pressure fluctuations in your body? Wouldn’t you like to know what to do about it, without being stuck on mediations? Then you’re in the right place. Click play now.


Immunity is not in a pill bottle. Or a vaccine. Or from a surgery. It is the body’s ability to heal from the inside-out, naturally. No chemicals or toxins needed. What does that mean? And how do you naturally build your immunity? These steps are practical and needed. Listen up and equip yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it.


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